Archetypology - Branding with a Difference

Our amazing new world of insight means your brand can:
  • take a direct line to your customer's desires
  • communicate at a silent and primal level
  • deliver a powerful and consistent message
  • leverage that extra something that cuts through

Archetypes drive Human Behaviour

Archetypology is about understanding and using archetypes. These are fundamental and naturally occurring patterns of meaning which underpin, direct and drive human behaviour and the way the world works. These patterns exist because we are essentially pattern searching and matching beings, they form part of our pre determined internal guidance systems and so impact and influence how we respond to things in our environment, how we think, feel and act. These patterns exist in us as people, in political, organisational and cultural systems and in brands.

Archetypology - A Synthesis of the Old and the New


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Archetypal Patterns - Imprints of the Unconscious - Archetypology seems very new but actually embodies a timeless and eternal wisdom. more..
A Whole Brain Approach to Brands - Archetypology offers a new way to consider brands which turns conventional marketing theory on its head. more..
Archetypal Primal Desires exist at the very deepest level within our psyche. They account for our fundamental drives and impulses. more..
The Benefits of Our Approach - Pulling it all together. We deliver Brand Archetypologies that give you a new perspective on your brand. more..
Powerful Hidden Forces

Archetypes are remarkably consistent over time and across geography, they are incredibly powerful yet remain mostly outside of our conscious awareness. Archetypology provides a way to codify, classify and make sense of these dynamic forces.

Fine Tuned

At Archetypology we have developed, tested and fine tuned our ability to understand archetypal patterns. Based on sound principles of neuroscience, the psychological schools as well as classical mythology we now have a classification of these patterns. Combined with a unique multilevel brand model we are providing new insights and organizing ideas to help our clients manage their brands and the organizational systems that support them.